What is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical Trials* are medical research that involves people like you. When you volunteer to take part in clinical research, you help doctors and researchers learn more about an illness or disease and help improve health care for people in the future.

The goal of clinical trials is to determine if new treatments and medications are safe and effective. People take part in clinical trials for many reasons. Healthy volunteers say they take part to help others and contribute to moving science forward. People with an illness or disease generally participate in our trials to possibly receive the latest treatment and to have added care and attention from the clinical trial staff.

*A clinical trial can only start after researchers determine that the study is scientifically justified and approval is granted by local ethics committees and health authorities.

Collaborating Research Companies








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Patient Experience

Participants in a trial may be eligible for compensation or reimbursements.
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Our Clinical Research Site

Family Health Care Center (FHCC) has participated in advancing medicine as a clinical trial site for over 20 years.  Our practice has a passion for delivering quality patient care through active management of disease, participating in the clinical trial process, and staying up to date with the latest in healthcare innovations. The FHCC investigator team has experience working with a variety of research sponsors and contract research organizations, and has a history of consistently meeting patient recruitment goals.

Patients enrolled in clinical trials at FHCC are rewarded by receiving treatments they may not otherwise have been able to receive, and their care plan managed by a focused and collaborative team of investigators along with the research coordinator.

Our site is a privately-owned family practice with a dedicated research department and a diverse patient population of approximately 10,000.  We primarily specialize in Phase II-IV clinical trials and are actively looking to partner with sponsors and CROs for additional clinical trials.

The Family Health Care Center is uncompromising in the conduct of our trials: exceeding sponsor expectations for recruitment, dependability, quality, patient safety, and overall performance.

Why choose our site?

Commitment to Quality

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is at the heart of all human research and is critical in generating accurate, safe, effective data. The safety of our patients enrolled in clinical trials is paramount to the research team at Family Health Care Center.  We maintain commitment to GCP and adapting to new regulations, cultural standards and values.

Open communication between the clinical site, research sponsor and CRO are critical to patient safety.  Our research coordinator and investigative team have experience in meeting regulatory requirements from sponsors and communicating clearly to subjects required processes like ethical, informed consent discussions, adherence to study protocol, and patient expectations throughout the duration of the trial.

Our research coordinator, Adrienne Hilliard CCRC, maintains active membership as a certified clinical research coordinator with the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.


Quality patient recruitment is a key function for every clinical research site.  With a patient base that was established over 20 years ago, we are able to recruit from a diverse patient population within our existing practice. We also maintain relationships with the local hospital and specialists within the surrounding area.  We approach patient recruitment with intentional strategies and have historically met or exceeded recruitment goals.


Decades of experience as a clinical research site, have reinforced the emphasis on quality patient recruitment and retention of enrolled patients for the duration of the study.  Our research team takes time to ensure clear understanding of patient responsibilities prior to enrollment in a trial. 

Patient education is focused on maintaining diaries, completing questionnaires, recognizing adverse effects, and adherence to study treatment plan. Our team is devoted to ensuring patient safety and eligibility, and also providing quality data through sound practices and scientifically-sound evaluation of adverse events.

Active Trials

Cardiovascular Outcomes

Diabetes Mellitus

Our site is actively looking to partner with CRO and Research Sponsors.
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Past Trial Focus

Cardiovascular Outcomes

Pain Management

Diabetes Mellitus


Attention Deficit Disorder

Tobacco Dependence

Meet our Research Coordinator:

Michelle Wilkes, MA

Research Coordinator: Michelle Wilkes, MA

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Site Features

  • Research Team:
    • Two principal investigators
    • Sub-investigator
    • Research coordinator
    • Research assistant
  • Established diverse patient population
  • 12 fully equipped exam rooms and dedicated research room
  • Secure storage for study drug and documentation
  • Certified EHR system: NextGen
    • Subject demographic and treatment progress tracking
    • Compliant patient information security
  • COLA certified lab
  • Equipment:
    • ECG
    • Spirometry
    • RetinaVue
    • Ultrasound
    • X-Ray
    • DEXA and body composition scanner
    • 3 Ambient centrifuges
    • Pharmacy grade refrigerators
  • Annual equipment calibration maintenance

Investigator Team

Dr. Thaddeus H. Riley

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Dr. Angela M. Davis

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Susan Riley, NP


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