Infant Healthcare


The physicians and nurse practitioners at Family Health Care Center provide for newborn care at East Georgia Medical Center. Our physicians will come to the hospital to examine your baby at delivery and follow them for the entire hospital stay. We do male baby circumcisions and other procedures as needed in the hospital. We accept new babies on Medicaid and private insurance. FHCC encourages expectant parents to make an appointment to discuss newborn care before delivery if possible and receive our specially designed “newborn packet”. We will continue to provide both well baby and illness related care to all aged children at the office location equipped with well and sick waiting areas.

Breast Feeding

Family Health Care Center’s nurse practitioners and physicians have been teaching and supporting breast feeding mothers for over 20 years. Our providers are experienced in helping new mothers learn the art of breast feeding, pumping, weaning and will share their expertise with new mothers.

Sick Children’s Healthcare

It is frightening to have a sick child. Because children’s health changes so quickly our office sees all sick children on the same day to provide prompt care to children with acute sickness. We have an onsite level 2 lab and x-ray to provide for immediate diagnosis of illnesses such as pneumonia, flu, urinary problems, anemia and other infections. We have pulse monitors, nebulizers and pulmonary function testing to support those children with asthma or other breathing problems.

Well Child Care


The physicians and nurse practitioners believe in preventive health care. During well child exams, they will include age appropriate safety, nutrition and parenting information. FHCC has all immunizations available on site and has vision, hearing and tympanometry (testing for ear fluid) screening on site. We aid in the diagnosis and treatment of ADD and ADHD along with other learning and behavior disorders of childhood.


Family Health Care Center’s providers do laceration repairs, skin biopsies, mole and lesion removals. We treat rashes and acne and are a certified point of care for the Accutane “I pledge” program.

Diabetes Care

Family Health Care Center is one of Statesboro's largest practices treating both children and adults with diabetes. We have two certified diabetic educators on site and do in office HgA1c testing, and urine kidney screenings. We have a certified diabetes educator on site as well as a certified insulin pump trainer for T-Slim, Omipod, Medtronic and Accucheck.

Sports and Muscular Skeletal Problems

The providers at Family Health Care Center treat sports injuries with onsite x-ray and joint and trigger point injections. We do sports physicals and education for prevention of injuries. We screen and treat for scoliosis in all children and monitor with onsite x rays when needed.