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 Signing up for the Patient Portal provides you with several benefits that can include faster and easier access to your medical records and other documentation you need for visits to the doctor's office and allows for quick changes to personal information.

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Appointment Scheduling Policies

Family Health Care Center reserves a number of same day appointments for urgent health care problems. Acute illnesses with high fevers and/or vomiting will be scheduled the same day in all high-risk patient groups (young children, older seniors or patients with conditions like cancer or diabetes). Injuries at home or at work needing immediate care will also be seen on the same day. We ask that those patients with routine appointments (physicals, pap smears, well baby checks and medication refills) try to call several weeks in advance for an appointment. We want your wait to be as short as possible when you visit our office, if we overbook our appointments this will not happen. There are times when our staffing is low due to vacation or illness, and the capacity of patients seen must be reduced. Remember we want to provide quality health care without rushing patients in and out.

Cancelling an Appointment

All appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. If you fail to cancel the appointment and do not show up you will be subject to a $50 no-show fee that must be paid before being seen for another appointment. If you continue to neglect to show up for appointments, we may have no other option but to dismiss you from our practice. Please understand that this patient practice is costly to our office.


Emergency problems require patients to be seen on short notice. The provider will decide with the nurse and receptionist about the best way to handle the emergency so that prolonged waiting delays for others in the waiting room can be avoided. Family Health Care works with East Georgia Regional Medical Center to take care of emergencies that occur after normal operating hours. Problems such as a suspected heart attack need to go directly to the emergency room or call 911. A physician will be available at all times (including nights, weekends, and holidays) for emergencies. This service is strictly for emergencies or urgent needs, and not for routine or minor problems which can be handled during office hours. If an emergency occurs after hours, please have paper, pencil, and a pharmacy phone number available. If your call involves a medication, please know the name of the medication.

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