Diabetes Care

Diabetes Specialty Care

Diabetes Care

Family Health Care Center is one of only forty practices in the country to be chosen to be part of the national “Go Diabetes” program designed to improve the health and outcomes of persons with diabetes. Our providers have all been awarded the distinction of ‘Master Diabetes Clinicians’ and have achieved NCQA recognition for high quality diabetes care. Visit http://www.ncqa.org for more information. Our moderately complex lab does in office A1c testing, cholesterol and urine kidney screenings that are important markers of diabetes.

Acute Care

Prompt, knowledgeable sick care is especially important for patients with diabetes. FHCC has an onsite x-ray and lab enabling us to treat serious infections, including pneumonia, quickly. We will always see our diabetes patients the same day for acute problems like the flu. Our physicians have admission privileges for East Georgia Medical Center and follow them upon discharge.

Women’s Health

Diabetes often complicates women’s health issues such as fertility, yeast infections and cycles. FHCC’s physicians and nurse practitioners treat women of all ages for PMS, birth control, menstrual cramps, STD screening, urinary tract and vaginal infections. We do pap smears, colposcopy and provide for all forms of birth control, including IUDs and the Depo Shot. We provide all immunizations including Gardasil to prevent cervical cancer.


Patients with diabetes must take special care of their skin and Family Health Care Center’s providers understand the TLC needed to heal. We do laceration repairs, skin biopsies, mole and lesion removals as well as complete foot assessments.

Cardiac Care

Diabetes is a significant risk factor for heart disease and the providers at FHCC work with patients at prevention strategies. We monitor for cardiac risk factors and have onsite holter monitors, EKGs, oxygen monitors, pulmonary function testing and cholesterol testing.

Emotional Problems

Family Health Care Center collaborates with the local psychologists and counseling centers to support our diabetes patients in coping with their illness. We offer group visits for diabetes patients. Those participating in these visits have found the peer support to be extremely helpful.

Diabetes Education

Family Health Care Center is one of Statesboro largest practices treating both children and adults with diabetes. We are the only practice with Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) onsite at all times. We offer both group and individual self-management classes and insulin training. FHCC has the only accredited diabetes education program in the area. Our diabetes educators assist our diabetes patients and their families in learning to manage both the physical and physiological parts of dealing with diabetes.

Insulin and Pump Management

The providers at Family Health Care Center will teach you how to begin insulin, use diabetes meters and we manage and begin insulin pumps when needed. FHCC has many types of free glucose monitors onsite and will work with your insurance company to get your supplies quickly and at the most cost effective pricing.